11-Year-Old Busker Stops Crowds In The Street In Ireland. She’s A Star In The Making

I’ve seen all sorts of people get fame on the Internet because of what they do. I’ve seen everything from people who review perfumes, to people that do crazy things that some of their followers suggest. Incredible as it may sound, some of them have even managed to make a good living from it. But what separates talent from entertainment? It is a very fine line.

There are people that have become famous because they are funny. They do funny monologues, or stand-up comedy acts, or are just very witty when it comes to answering questions. Is that a talent? I would say yes. When you can do things that no one or very few people can do, then it’s a gift. There are some people who are just better at marketing their talent than others.

Every person has his or her favorites, but I would have to say mine are singers. Music is something I have always enjoyed, and singers particularly have always intrigued me. It’s funny how even though we all have the same muscles and body parts; some people have been blessed with better vocal chords than the rest.

The ones that I enjoy the most watching perform are kids. It takes a lot of courage from a grown man or woman to step in front of a crowd and perform, much more for a young teen to do. I have seen a lot of young kids perform on YouTube, mostly in talent shows. But there are a few that have been recorded by other people because they wanted to let the world know who they are and what they can do.

The first video of this sort that I saw, was a young boy who had gone with his father to a music store. The boy’s father had gone to check some of the guitars they had on sale when he tried playing one. He was playing a classic country song and then asked his son to sing along. The boy started singing and the music store owner got so impressed, that he asked the boy to stop singing, so he could get his cell phone out and record the whole thing.

The boy probably did not know that this video would end up going viral. The music store owner congratulated him and his father on the boy’s talent and they left the store. The following video features talent being discovered. A girl starts playing the guitar in the streets of Dublin when suddenly people around her stop and head her way as soon as they listen to her. Witness the birth of a star!

11-Year-Old Busker Stops Crowds In The Street In Ireland. She\'s A Star In The Making