She Covered Her Little Dog With A Blanket, But She Didn’t Expect This Reaction From The Pooch

For thousands of years, dogs have been loyal companions to humans. It’s not hard to understand why we form such strong bonds with these intelligent and loyal animals. Dogs provide us with love and companionship and unquestioning loyalty. This last quality is why this adorable dog fell victim to the hilarious static cling prank by his owner. You’ll fall out of your chair laughing.

This little pup takes cuteness to a whole new level. She was innocently resting on the couch, minding her own business and having a great day, when suddenly her owner gave her a loving, affectionate rub with a blanket, knowing exactly what would happen. That seems kind of mean, doesn’t it? Maybe, but this hysterical result will cause tears of laughter.

After the owner’s seemingly innocent affections, this dog is completely changed and has a totally new look. Who knew static electricity could turn a dog into a completely different looking animal? She looks kind of like a sea urchin, only much cuddlier. I bet you haven’t seen anything this cute in a very long time, so get ready for this touch of total cuteness to your day. This poor pup doesn’t really know why everyone is laughing at her, but she doesn’t seem to mind the attention.

Be sure to watch and share this hilarious video with all your family and friends! I can certainly relate to this pup’s bad hair day. Honestly, this clip is so funny! It is sure to make anyone who watches it laugh!

She Covered Her Little Dog With A Blanket, But She Didn\'t Expect This Reaction From The Pooch