175-pound Great Dane is convinced he is a lap dog

No matter how large a dog might be, they are always convinced that they are lap dogs. That was the case with Alyssa’s adorable Great Dane and gentle giant, Kernel.

While some people might be intimidated by a 175-pound dog like Kernel, there was no reason to worry. The only things the Great Dane desired were love, attention and cuddles from his mom.

And Alyssa ensured her oversized pup got that every morning. Before she left for the day, Alyssa would give Kernel a hug. Kernel took this morning ritual seriously, and one day, when Alyssa forgot, he made sure she knew he was not happy.

“So this morning, I did not give him his morning hug because we were rushing out,” said Alyssa. “And when we got home from our hike, he was sitting on the couch whining at me.”

At his core, Kernel was a sensitive, compassionate soul. “He reads my energy. He will just copy whatever I do,” said Alyssa. “If I’m moving and grooving and dancing around, he’ll start dancing.”

Kernel was so good at providing love and affection that Alyssa decided to train him to be her emotional service dog. But Alyssa did not keep his love for herself. She also brought him to her nana and a young patient in Boston.

Alyssa dreaded the concept of leaving the country and being apart from her Great Dane for a few weeks. “He is the boy that makes my world turn,” said Alyssa. “He’s just an important guy.”

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175-pound Great Dane is convinced he is a lap dog