Toddler’s Adorable Reaction to Golden Retriever Puppies

Dogs are a man’s best friend. However, kids share a unique bond with dogs. They share an innocent bond you will never find between an adult and a pet dog. No matter how a kid behaves with a pet dog, the animal will never cause any harm to the child.

These dogs know that the kids of their owners are a part of their family, and they should never cause any harm to them. But, on the contrary, some kids show extra love for their pet dogs.

Recently, a baby cam captured a moment wherein a toddler was caught petting and kissing her pet Golden Retriever. The dog was nursing her puppies at night when the toddler decided to pay the dog’s family a visit.

The toddler enters the room where the mama dog is nursing her puppies. She leans over the enclosure where the Golden Retriever is nursing her babies and pets the dog’s head. After petting the dog, the toddler decides to leave.

However, she soon returns and, this time, decides to kiss the mama dog. The dog accepts the toddler’s kiss and leans down to rest. Then the toddler pets one of the puppies trying to walk over his siblings.

Unfortunately, the puppy is unable to control his steps and tumbles over. Immediately the mama dog guides the puppy with her nose and aligns him with the rest of the puppies. The toddler watches all of this from the sideline.

This brief drama involving the puppy and the mama dog makes the toddler more interested. So instead of leaving them alone, she decides to stick around for some more time with the dog family.

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Toddler\'s Adorable Reaction to Golden Retriever Puppies