Missing dog rings doorbell to let her family know she’s home

No Fourth of July celebrations are complete without fireworks. But as most pet owners already know, not everyone is a big fan of these loud, colorful displays. For that reason, many dogs and cats get spooked around that time of the year.

That was what happened to a couple’s dog named Rajah. Mary Lynn Whitacre and Ryan Washick were at their home with Rajah when some of their neighbors set off fireworks a few days before July 4.

Rajah, a lab-Catahoula Leopard Dog mix, jumped at the loud sound, and before either of his owners knew what was happening, Rajah ran away. Mary and Ryan tried to catch their dog, but she was too fast.

Most of the time, when their dog ran away, Mary and Ryan would catch their pup in five or ten minutes. This time was different. Mary and Ryan searched for hours for their lost dog, and the couple came home empty-handed.

Mary and Ryan tried everything. They even posted about their lost dog on Facebook, but they went to bed without any idea if Rajah would ever find her way back home.

Then, at three in the morning, Mary and Ryan woke up to their doorbell ringing. They rushed to the door and were shocked to see a familiar canine face staring into their Ring camera: Rajah.

After being gone for eight hours, Rajah had come home. She even rang the doorbell to wake up her humans. When asked about their reaction to seeing Rajah on the Ring camera, Mary said, “We were dying laughing.”

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Missing dog rings doorbell to let her family know she’s home