Sad baby cow needed a friend – then this baby goat came along

When Leslie first rescued her baby cow, Buckley, she worried that the depressed little one might not make it. But Leslie was determined to help the baby cow thrive in his new home.

The five-week-old Buckley could not understand what had happened to him. “He was scared. He cried for, like, three days straight,” said Leslie. “He cried so bad he couldn’t even cry anymore.”

To help ease his loss, Leslie tried everything. “I tried my best to be all I could for him,” said Leslie. “I slept in the barn with him.” But no matter what Leslie tried, Buckley was inconsolable.

Leslie was at the end of her rope. She had no idea what more she could do. Then, her daughter suggested that they buy a baby goat to keep young Buckley company.

“And I thought, ‘That might work, but if it doesn’t now I’ll have two babies that are gonna be crying,” said Leslie. Fortunately, Buckley’s attitude changed completely when the baby goat, Ralphy, arrived.

After Ralphy arrived, Buckley began eating food regularly and playing with his new friend. “It was night and day,” said Leslie. “180 degree turn when Ralphy came into the picture.”

Thanks to Leslie’s daughter, Ralphy and Buckley grew up to become best friends. “Buckley and Ralphy have been friends for four-and-half years,” said Leslie. “No matter where they are, they’re always within 20 feet of each other.”

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Sad baby cow needed a friend – then this baby goat came along