Woman becomes new mom of a rescue baby cow.

Before the baby cow, Henry, arrived on Laura’s farm, he had been taken away from his mom at a young age. So, when he joined her family, Laura decided she would be his substitute mama instead.

Henry felt the same way. “If I would sit on the ground, he would just lay down next to me and put his head in my lap,” said Laura. “So my big baby stuck with me pretty much every minute I was outside.”

Laura would have preferred that Henry would have had the chance to stay with his real mother, but she was determined to be the best mom she could be to the lovable calf.

After a few days, Henry showed his mom how happy he was about his new home by doing “zoomies” around the farm. “I celebrated every set of zoomies because I was like ‘Praise the lord, he feels good today.’”

To make sure her baby cow got all the enrichment he needed, she bought a gigantic ball for him to play with, and he was immediately enthralled. “He loves it. He’ll follow it anywhere,” said Laura.

Seeing how much he loved to play, Laura decided to introduce him to her two donkeys, Mikey and Eddie. After a few weeks of letting them interact through the fence, Henry moved in with his new friends. “Now they’ve totally accepted him,” said Laura.

While raising Henry was a lot of work, Laura would not change a thing. “I’m very happy that he’s happy,” said Laura. “That’s my goal, is to give him the best life possible.”

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Woman becomes new mom of a rescue baby cow.