Kitten loves snuggling with her baby sister at night

In most families, parents use baby cameras to watch over their little ones while they sleep. But this family used theirs to keep an eye on their protective, loving cat, Luna.

In the middle of the night, Kelly received a notification on her phone. When she checked the baby monitor, she was shocked to see her cat, Luna, climbing into view and snuggling with her baby.

“I got a notification, so I opened it, and I just saw Luna rubbing all over her,” said Kelly. “The camera was right in her face, and they were both looking at it like, ‘Mom, please don’t separate us.’”

Unfortunately, it was not safe for Luna to be in the crib without Kelly or her partner watching, so Luna had to move the cuddly cat. Luna’s obsession with her baby sister was not limited to nighttime.

Luna and her baby sister, Kallie, had been inseparable since the first day the two of them met. “It doesn’t matter where it is,” said Kelly. “Luna just always seems to be right next to her.”

Baby Kallie was just as enamored with her feline sister. “She lights up any time I talk about Luna or bring her near,” said Kelly. “I can’t even explain the noises she makes when I talk about her kitty.”

Luna was gentle with all of Kelly’s children, but she always came back to Kallie. “I never saw it going the way it did,” said Kelly. “It is literally a baby and cat bond.”

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Kitten loves snuggling with her baby sister at night