Abandoned puppies rescued by Sheriff Deputy

Every pet deserves to be loved. This heartbreaking story about puppies thrown off a bridge and their oblivious mother dog will break your heart.

Not all pets have a happy life, and these four unfortunate pups have been through a lot. Fortunately, fate rewarded them with a fair shot, and they got the love they so richly deserve.

The poor pups were tossed from a bridge in Miami County by their irresponsible owners. Fortunately for these pups, a sheriff deputy, Sarah Fraley, discovered and rescued them and even confronted their owners.

Officer Sarah also convinced the irresponsible parents to turn over the 10-week-olds pups’ mom to a nearby shelter where the adorable fur family finally reunited.

It’s so heart-warming to see this mother and her puppies reunited. The news spread across the community, and many people submitted adoption applications and donated supplies to assist in any way they could.

The video is from a few years ago, and these dogs have now found their forever homes. Thank you to everyone who helped this canine family overcome the odds.

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Abandoned puppies rescued by Sheriff Deputy