Abandoned street dog didn’t know how to behave like a dog

Desi of Bali Paws rescued an abandoned street dog who didn’t know how to behave like an average canine. The dog was named Pete, and Desi saw he looked terrible.

Pete was kicked out of a house after he got sick, and he had lived in a cage for his entire life for four years. Desi was surprised by how friendly he was when she started petting him.

It seemed that Pete wasn’t familiar with being carried and screamed when Desi picked him up. So she led him to his cage instead and took him to the vet to be treated.

After Pete recovered at the clinic, Desi took him home, and her dogs weren’t happy with him because he didn’t know how to act like them. He was really clingy and never left Desi alone.

A woman, Simone, from Germany, messaged Desi that she wanted a dog who was a little tricky and loved kids. Pete was perfect for her, and a few weeks later, Pete flew to Germany.

Simone’s son, Kelian, was excited to meet Pete. It was tough in the beginning because their family had three other pets. Two weeks after Pete arrived, things started to calm down.

Pete became Kelian’s best friend, and they did everything together. When Desi visited Germany, she was surprised and thrilled that Pete remembered her after all that time.

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Abandoned street dog didn’t know how to behave like a dog