The sweetest Pit Bull is rescued from a crumbling abandoned house

Donna of Stray Rescue of St. Louis saved a Pit Bull from an abandoned house that was falling apart. Snow covered the streets, and she found the shivering dog on the third floor.

Several minutes before Donna entered the house, she remembered how she frequently passed by the row of empty homes. She always thought to herself how it would be a good place for a dog to hide.

Behind the houses, she saw a Pit Bull. So Donna decided to set up a trap and hoped she would come out. The frightened Pittie instead went further into the dilapidated building.

Donna went to the back of the house and saw footsteps leading up the stairs, and there was a big hole that the dog must have jumped across.

There was another way into the building through the basement, and once Donna was inside, she checked every floor. After clearing the first and second floors, she saw the scared Pit Bull hiding on the third floor.

Donna spotted the timid dog shaking, and she was able to get a leash on her. She tugged on her lightly, and the Pit Bull started following her down the stairs and out the basement.

Once they got to the jeep, the rescued dog was happy to be warm. After the sweet Pittie got adopted, Donna was thrilled to see pictures of her being loved by her new family.

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The sweetest Pit Bull is rescued from a crumbling abandoned house