Horse only runs for little boy when he calls her name

Maple is a horse who comes running whenever she is called by Kolten, a little boy. Melina, Kolten’s mom, noted that Maple doesn’t run for her as she does for Kolten.

Kolten calls Maple by saying, “May May.” She turned around, looked up, and ran straight to him the first time he did it. Melina thinks it is incredible every time Maple greets Kolten by the fence.

Maple is wonderfully gentle with Kolten, and they are both comfortable with each other. Kolten and Maple love physical touch, and Kolten also enjoys feeding her and brushing her.

Melina was never worried about their relationship because she absolutely trusted Maple. Kolten is a young boy, and Maple understands that he is small and fragile. She is cautious with him.

The first time Kolten got to walk Maple, he was pretty proud of himself. Melina saw he was a natural, and Maple never tried to rush him. Kolten was thrilled when Maple followed him.

For Kolten’s birthday, Melina got him a small tractor he could ride around. When he drove it, Melina would be on Maple, and they followed Kolten wherever he went.

If Melina and Kolten are away from home, the first thing Kolten does when they come back is to see Maple. He always wants to be with her, and Melina is happy they have that kind of bond.

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Horse only runs for little boy when he calls her name