Dog’s happiest place is a sun puddle in the living room

Every morning a Chocolate Labrador named Ollie will grab his special cushion and bring it downstairs to his favorite spot behind the couch. Ollie’s mom, Alex, calls the area a “sun puddle.”

When Ollie gets to his sun puddle, he will rest his chin and look out into the backyard. The cushion is still in his mouth, and he keeps it with him even when he goes out to relieve himself.

Alex learned quite early that Ollie loved to carry things. He will stare at her until he is given something to hold in his mouth. One of his favorite things to bring around is a picnic blanket.

After coming home from shopping, Alex gives Ollie things to carry into the house. Ollie loves to be included and help out with anything. He cherishes having a job to do.

During his walks, Ollie also needs to hold onto something. He even carries the leashes of other dogs, and they follow him around because he has such a calming presence.

Alex also loves how Ollie can sense when she is having a bad day. Ollie will greet her at the door and drop her a gift in the form of a slipper or sock from his stash.

For a long time, Alex had been dreaming of the perfect dog, and she believes she has him now. She said it is a reward to have such a happy soul in her life.

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Dog’s happiest place is a sun puddle in the living room