This Baby Is Crying His Heart Out, But Keep Your Eyes On The Puppy –

Newborn babies are definitely a blessing. But they are also quite the handful! Since they are constantly in need of feedings, changing, and lots of sleep, identifying the reason why your baby is crying can be one of the most stressful things about being a new parent. And infants cry quite often!

As you eventually get your baby into a routine, you’ll quickly figure out exactly what he or she needs at any given moment. As it turns out, dogs are very intuitive with children as well! You’d be amazed at how many animals are so good at being patient, protective and caring towards babies. This special little Chihuahua is not exception, and proves that he would make a fantastic babysitter!

When a baby is crying, the first thing you want to do to calm them down is to hold them. This Chihuahua can’t do that, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to calm down his baby brother the best way he knows how!

That’s when this sweet little pup tries to give the crying infant a special treat. He probably thinks, ‘If it makes me happy, it will make him happy, right?’ Needless to say, the dog’s sweet and selfless gesture is the sweetest thing! You may put a lot of time and effort into caring for your pet, but they will also care for you in any way they can!

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This Baby Is Crying His Heart Out, But Keep Your Eyes On The Puppy –