When I Watched This Huge Dog Step On The Scale, I Became Completely Speechless…

When you see the video of this pit bull, prepare to be speechless. Hulk is the world’s largest pit bull weighting in at an astounding 173 pounds. But it gets crazier – Hulk is puppy that is only 17 months old and is expected to keep growing even more! How big can he get?

Hulk is a handsome brown pit pull that is as friendly as can be which completely breaks the mean pit bull stereotype. He belongs to DDkline which is a family-owned dog training organization. On their website they write:

We know the relationship a person chooses to have with his dog determines the dog’s behavior. Marlon learned this first hand when he adopted an abused rescue dog, Damon, and time and time again Damon proved what every dog needs and wants is firm consistent leader – the leader of the pack.

But with Hulk weighting more than the average adult man, many people are criticizing the video. They’re saying that the huge puppy has been artificially enhanced with video editing technology and he’s not really that big. But could he really be as big as they say? There is not enough information to know for sure whether or not this is true.

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When I Watched This Huge Dog Step On The Scale, I Became Completely Speechless...