Baby goat climbs up to meet his horse friend

If the bond between this goat and horse doesn’t define genuine friendship, then I don’t know what else will.

Many believed that, unlike humans, animals are relatively unpredictable and not sociable. While that may be true to some, this is definitely not the case for these two best friends.

This baby goat and his horse friend share an adorable relationship that even experts cannot explain well. This goat basically walks by and stops in front of the horse’s pen.

The goat suddenly climbs up and asks his friend to play along with him. The horse generously responded to him with a cute headbutt which melts the heart of many viewers worldwide.

The goat goes down and hops as if he’s giggling in fun. However, he didn’t stop right there. He tries to repeat the same gesture and even stands on his two legs to reach the horse.

This level of animal friendship is unusual to us since we believe that animals can’t be too intimate. But, these two have proven to us that indeed they can become as pleasant and friendly as we are.

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Baby goat climbs up to meet his horse friend