Farmer figures out way to feed baby goats all at once

A dozen goats flock around the farmer, it seems to be feeding time as they approach a new contraption. You can hear some of the goats bleating.

A farmer crosses the pristine green grass with at least a dozen baby goats following him closely. In his hand, he carries a pail that is full of their feeding bottles. He stops at this curious contraption made out of wood.

He bends down and quickly unloads the bottles, the device is a feeding setup to hold each bottle perfectly so the baby goats can easily be fed all at once. As he is placing each bottle the goats eagerly race to find their slot.

There are some goats that unfortunately can’t find their own bottle. Thankfully once the farmer is done emptying the pail he finds the goats that don’t have their own bottle and picks them up and place them in the available ones.

It is truly an ingenious way to feed all the baby goats at the same time, and it even shows that this is definitely not their first time using this device because the goats seem to know the procedure.

Once the baby goats are all lined up, each with their own feeding bottle, you can see their tails wagging happily. The way they drink, their posture, and their tails all seem to be synchronized as they continue to feed.

Farmer figures out way to feed baby goats all at once