That Chihuahua Thinks She’s Might Be One Of The Goats. Watch Out For What She Does

LOLa is the latest addition to the Sunflower Farm and she is only eight weeks old. On her first day on the farm, LOLa was an understandably shy, but she noticed the curious baby goats and well, she warmed up. Princess Leia and Lady Bug, her new goat pals, are now almost two weeks old. The three of them strike up a relationship that is melting everyone’s hearts.

LOLa; however seems to be having a sort of identity crisis. Her owners say that their other dogs, an English mastiff and a pug, are not very friendly with poor LOLa, so the new pup has turned to the goats for some fun and action in her day to day life. Now and again LOLa with also have some goat milk for dinner and why not?

Watch as the cute little LOLa tries to keep up with the prancey goats when they make their way through the tall grass and LOLa has a bit of trouble. The goats are always very active and jumping around, and LOLa is very curious as all puppies are.  From time to time the goats will take up an interest in her, especially Princess Leia, and LOLa just gets so very excited it’s amazing.

What do think will happen if LOLa continues to pal around with these goats? Do you think she’ll eventually try acting like them? Please let us know what your thoughts are below and then share this incredible clip with family and friends.

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That Chihuahua Thinks She\'s Might Be One Of The Goats. Watch Out For What She Does