Clingy turtle is obsessed with looking deeply into his dad’s eyes

Andrew’s turtle, TripleM, follows him around everywhere and is obsessed with his eyes. TripleM has a lot of mannerisms that are similar to a dog. He shakes his back when his shell is scratched.

The obsession between Andrew and TripleM had grown within the past year. Andrew started crawling on the floor, and TripleM went to where he was all over their house.

Ever since then, TripleM always looks to be by Andrew’s side. Andrew had also developed their own unique sign language. TripleM will come running to him when he lays his hands flat on the ground and looks at him.

Whenever Andrew goes down to TripleM’s level, their connection deepens. Then TripleM’s obsession with Andrew’s eyes became more apparent. They always put their faces together to look at each other.

TripleM enjoys relaxing on Andrew’s cheeks while looking into his eyes. If he isn’t on Andrew, he likes to get all tall as he can on his toes and stare at him.

Usually, if Andrew looks down, he can find TripleM right under him waiting to be picked up. They started taking him outside and got him a kiddie pool.

Andrew says that TripleM brings out the best in people. TripleM was amazed by all the space he had to himself, and he loved swimming. They even put rocks in the pool for him to climb.

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Clingy turtle is obsessed with looking deeply into his dad’s eyes