Territorial Chihuahua Protects Toys From Other Dogs

Even though they’re quite small, chihuahua’s can be pretty feisty. Whether they’re puppies or full-grown, this dog breed likes to keep all of their belongings to themselves. When this puppy’s friends start playing with his toys, he gets riled up.

Sitting on a fluffy blanket on a chair that we can only assume is his throne, this dog is not having it when his siblings begin to play with his toys. He gets into position and gives out an intimidating bark for a small dog.

Barking should signal to his siblings to put the toys down and leave him alone. The video of these cute pups has over two million views and a ton of comments praising the dogs for how cute they are, even when trying to appear vicious.

All three chihuahuas begin to bark back and forth at one another. One of the pups on the ground leaps up to join the antagonist on his throne. Surprisingly, these two dogs stop arguing, but there is still another that is playing with toys. After a while, the remaining dog gets distracted by a bone, and all is well again.

Children aren\'t the only ones who don\'t like to share their toys. This chihuahua doesn\'t want his siblings touching his stuff. A bark-off ensues as he tries to get his siblings to leave his toys alone. #Dog #Cute #Funny #Pets