This Dog Was Chained To A Slab For 14 Years, But Watch What This Man Does For Him

All good deeds are rewarded, sooner or later, this story is one of such example of that. Thayne Hamilton devoted all his life to the rescue of poor homeless dogs and he saved so many from a horrible life. And now, it was his time to be rewarded for the humanitarian deeds he had done all his life.

For 10 years, Thayne Hamilton and his wife Chris Hamilton rescued and adopted the worst of the worst dogs from all over the country. Not the worst behaved, but those in such poor health and from abusive and neglectful environments. They owned the Grey Muzzle Rescue organization and through this organization, they adopted un-adoptable and/or severely abused dogs. They worked hard together to get them healthy and help them to trust again and give them their ‘forever home’ .

But, it was a tragic day when Chris died suddenly. It was her dying wish that Thayne continue the rescue work that they lived for and loved to do together. And till today he has just done that.

In this video, Talk It Up organization was determined to help Thayne in his life mission because they really believe in what he does for these animals. And what they do for him is truly remarkable.

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This Dog Was Chained To A Slab For 14 Years, But Watch What This Man Does For Him