Dog Sees Parents Again After A Long Time. My Heart Melted When I Saw Her Reaction.

It’s always sweet to reunite with a pet after being away for a while. Who knows what the reason for the separation may be? Work? Military? Financial? Whatever it is, the joy in their eyes when they see you again is enough to melt your heart. It’s almost like no time has passes since your last meeting. We see this with a video that shows a dog named Cayenne seeing her parents again after an extended absence.

The video shows Cayenne holding a sign saying she misses her mommy and daddy. Then we see her ready to go bounding out a door. The door opens and we see her mommy and daddy standing there. She bolts out of there so fast and nearly flattens mommy with her joy. She’s a big dog, so there’s a little bit of reckless abandon going on there. It’s all good, though, with everyone thrilled to be back together.

Cayenne has so much boundless energy, I was afraid that she was going to knock her mommy over a couple of times. It was almost like she couldn’t get close enough when she was jumping on her. It was such a nice reunion, but bigger dogs like this REALLY don’t understand how strong they actually are. It’s one thing if it’s a smaller dog, like a miniature schnauzer, but this is a whole different ballgame.

Dogs definitely remember their mommies and daddies, no matter how much time has passed since they last saw them. Cayenne probably held on to their scents in her mind to help her stay strong through their separation. Here’s hoping that she doesn’t have to go through this again any time in the future. If it does, then there will just have to be another reunion like we just saw.

Wasn’t this such a joyous occasion? Have you had something like this happen with your dog? We’d love to hear your story in the comments below!

Dog Sees Parents Again After A Long Time. My Heart Melted When I Saw Her Reaction.