An Elephant And An Ostrich Bond At A Reserve. This Is Not A Set-Up For A Tv Show –

Growing up, I loved ‘The Odd Couple’ . I’m talking about the one with Tony Randall and Jack Klugman. Not the updated one with Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon. Randall’s Felix Unger and Klugman’s Oscar Madison were polar opposites. Madison was a slob and Unger was a neat freak. But they made the show work. I was struck with that analogy when I saw the two animals paired in this video.

Jotto the elephant was first brought to the Kenyan reserve because he was sick. Then came two ostriches, Pea and Pod. Yes, I know, terribly original names, but they don’t care ” they’re ostriches. They were supposed to be released when healthy, but Pea saw Jotto and the two bonded. The duo became inseparable and Pea wound up staying. The video didn’t say what happened to Pod.

‘An elephant and an ostrich? Did I hear you right?’ I’m sure you may be asking. Yes. Jotto and Pea got along famously when they first met. Heck, Pea thinks she’s part of an elephant herd now. Hey, no bird brain jokes here – this is sweet. The two of them love cuddling up next to each other. Jotto is also probably one of the few animals that could tolerate a kick from her if she ever got mad too.

I always love seeing stories like these. The more bizarre the combination the better. What’s next? A shark and a jellyfish? ‘I like you but you’re not that conversational. Plus you keep stinging me in your sleep.’ An ant and an anteater? The possibilities are endless! But this one is pretty cool. If the two of them were at a zoo, you KNOW that people would be taking pictures of them all the time.

Wasn’t that video wild? I couldn’t get enough of seeing them hang out. What did you think? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.

An Elephant And An Ostrich Bond At A Reserve. This Is Not A Set-Up For A Tv Show –