Guard dogs totally disregard a cat in front of them

Cats and dogs are not really good friends in nature. They’re usually quoted as mortal enemies. However, there are stories worldwide showing that these two opposite pets could become best buddies.

That only proves that even if they’re tagged as mortal enemies, with proper training and familiarization, these two animals could live peacefully with each other.

One best example of that is this encounter between a courageous cat and a pack of giant hounds. Typically, dogs will immediately chase this cat as their natural response.

However, this case is entirely different. This group of eight dogs sat quietly and relaxed as if this cat is part of their family.

As surprising as it is, the story discloses that these dogs are trained adequately by Chaperone K9, an animal training company. It only tells that they’re indeed well-trained canines.

These good dogs show how animals could be disciplined and behave when they’re correctly taken care of. This story impacts the hearts of thousands of people to become responsible with their pets.

At the end of the day, regardless of the kind of species we’re dealing with, there are still many unexpected encounters that can surprise us. The key here is to respect and allow them to thrive as they cohabitate with us.

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Guard dogs totally disregard a cat in front of them