This Immense Draft Horse Doesn’t Look Well… When You See Why, You’ll Lose It…

Nature is amazing, I can’t believe the size of some of the animals that call this planet home. Take Belgian Draft Horse. They are giants. The foals come out of their mother at sizes close to a mature Great Dane. Imagine being pregnant with that. ‘You sure look grumpy!’ ‘YOU try walking around with two Great Danes in YOU and see how you feel.’ Then there would be much stomping and a spatula would be needed to scrape up the offender off the ground. But they are quite gentle, like you see in this video.

We see two twin foals nursing their mother and running around their pen. They are so big and yet there’s the clumsy awkwardness of those who were recently birthed ” which was four days before this video. Their mommy, whose hooves look as big as my head, is patient while they run around. The twins are named Lisa and Fien. It’s a very peaceful setting and it’s relaxing to watch them play with each other

What’s really cool about these horses is that they are so big at such a young age. A young girl of about six comes into their pen and they are already as tall as she is. Their mother dwarfs all of them at the moment. The twins could probably stand on top of each other and still be a little shorter than Mom. They are so gentle though. The girl goes in and pets them without any fear. It seems like all of them have a good time.

It’s incredible to see this girl walking around among these creatures without a care in the world. The horses regard her with benign interest. She’s probably been out there among them in the past. It’s still wondrous for a child to learn about nature at such a young age. We could all benefit from such experiences instead of just staying home, confined to our own four walls and watching television.

I thought this was an incredible video. It’s hard to appreciate just how massive these horses are unless you have something to compare them to. What did you think? Please tell us your thoughts below!

This Immense Draft Horse Doesn\'t Look Well... When You See Why, You\'ll Lose It...