Ex-military dog flies in first-class to her forever home

For years, the Yellow Labrador, Taylor, lived as a military dog, but her last day of service was finally over. And when Molli Oliver showed up outside of her military kennel, Taylor could finally put her years of service behind her.

Taylor had served as a military dog her whole life. She did two tours in Afghanistan and was so good at her job that the Taliban placed a bounty on her head.

Now that Taylor could retire from service, she had the chance to find her way to a forever home. High on the adoption list was Sergeant Tom Hanson, a man who had served alongside Taylor.

But getting ex-military dogs back home was not always easy. Many veterans find it impossible to transport their canine friends overseas. Fortunately, Sergeant Tom and Taylor had some help from the compassionate flight attendant, Molli Oliver.

For Molli, her decision to help was an easy one. “I love the dogs, and I love my military that’s taking care of my freedom my whole life,” she said. “So it’s a win-win to combine the two.”

Molli helped four other veterans reconnect with their canine besties, paying for the dogs’ voyages from her own savings. Thanks to Molli, Taylor, or Princess Taylor as she was affectionately known, got to ride in first class all the way home.

As Taylor stepped off the plane, Sergeant Tom was waiting for her. “It’s like a part of me that’s been missing,” he said. “And getting her back now will make me whole again.”

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Ex-military dog flies in first-class to her forever home