Man who loves dogs convinces wife to adopt their foster cat

Rachel fostered a cat named Bug, and her husband, James, known to be a dog person, convinced her to keep Bug. At the shelter, Bug was not doing well.

Bug constantly had his face pressed against his cage to the point he lost hair. He was so stressed that he wasn’t eating. The shelter managers called Rachel to ask her to foster him.

They were sure if Bug were moved, he would not injure himself. Rachel and James agreed to foster Bug; he wasn’t scared once he was at their home.

Bug was out and about, giving and showing his love to everyone in the house. He would reciprocate with kisses and cuddles whenever someone went to pet him.

James had always been a dog person, but Bug was all over him with his love. He would not let James ignore him at any moment. That’s when James said they were keeping Bug for sure.

Rachel was against it at first because they had just adopted two kittens. James eventually talked her into it, and the people from the shelter thought it was funny that it was Rachel’s husband who wanted to keep Bug.

Bug was a perfect addition to their family. He loves to play with his brothers on the refrigerator and fits in well with everyone.

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Man who loves dogs convinces wife to adopt their foster cat