Manuel is an adorable mule with a big and carefree personality

Manuel the adorable mule

Manuel is a mule who loves to play and joke around with his friends on the farm. He has a black coat and a big personality. Emma Massingale, a horse trainer, takes some time to talk about him.

It was a grey and rainy day when Emma was on the field with horses grazing in the field behind her. One of her favorite things about Manuel is his relationship with another horse of hers named Custard.

According to Emma, Custard is an “18 hands” sport horse. Breeders and trainers usually use “hands” as a unit of measurement for horses, and a “hand” is four inches long.

Manuel is a “15 hands” mule, and their size difference makes it a fun sight to watch them play. Emma says that they have a “bromance.” Every morning Manuel runs to Custard, and they spend around 15 minutes together.

They trot around the field, with Custard leading the way since he is stronger and faster. They enjoy butting heads and playfully nibbling at each other.

In these 15 minutes, Manuel spends a lot of time chasing Custard. He is a very energetic and rambunctious mule, and not a day goes by where they don’t play together.

Whenever Manuel isn’t playing with his friend, he loves rolling around in the dirt, kicking up dust clouds. Emma couldn’t have asked for a more spirited and carefree mule.

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Manuel is an adorable mule with a big and carefree personality