Many Think Chivalry Is Dead But This Adorable Young Warrior Proves Otherwise…

I feel it is a necessity for young children as well as adults to learn some form of self defence. You never know when it will come in handy and it is always better to be prepared for any situation.

It’s also true that many girls want a guy who will be her knight in shining armor. Speaking for myself, I always appreciate courtesy, manners and for a person to have great values. Well, it seems that the parents of this kid have a lot to be proud about.

It was just like any other karate lesson, and the instructor was teaching a little girl what to do if she were in trouble and even though it looked like she was being bullied, that wasn’t the case. However, the little girl’s effort in trying to get away and everyone’s screams telling her to fight and to run away alerted a young boy sitting elsewhere.

When he saw the girl in distress, the toddler came running up to the instructor and gave him one hard punch at the hip (which is where he could reach) and after that punch, he stood there for a second or two as if to say, you better behave, I’m watching you!

The black belt instructor was so amused, he just stood there non plussed while everyone around starting laughing!

This was one karate lesson nobody would forget in a hurry! I was LAUGHING soooooo much by the young warrior’s bravery. This is how young men should be ” maybe we all can take a leaf out of this young man’s book and next time we see someone in trouble, we should help them as well!

Wasn’t this video simply HILARIOUS? Do you have a grin on your face too? Write in and tell us what you thought of the video ” has your kid done something like this? We want to hear from you!

Many Think Chivalry Is Dead But This Adorable Young Warrior Proves Otherwise...