Mr. Mo Project Gives Older Dog A Better Chance Of A New Life, And It’s

When people are looking for a nice pet to adopt, they usually look for the potential pets that are younger, so that they can raise the animal since their youth themselves. This means that rescued puppies and kitties can almost always find someone to adopt them, but it means it gets very difficult when the animals get older. It’s awesome that people opt to adopt animals from shelters instead of buying them, but elder animals shouldn’t be overlooked! This is exactly what Mr. Mo, the cute dog in the video above shows us with his incredible story!

His human parents, the Hughes couple made up of Chris and Mariesa, realized that there was an urgent necessity for older cats and dogs to find a permanent home for them to live the rest of their years in peace and happiness, and they decided to make the ‘Mr. Mo Project’ , in an effort to help solvent this issue. This program places elder dogs at their adoptive homes, and also covers any expenses that the pups may have for the remainder of their lives. It’s amazing that people make incredible programs like this one to help animals in need!

Watch this moving story of people helping out their animal friends, in the video above!

Mr. Mo Project Gives Older Dog A Better Chance Of A New Life, And It\'s