Pittie begs his Mom to keep a foster puppy half his size

Opal, a foster Pittie puppy with a jaw injury, instantly became best friends with Duke, another Pittie, as soon as they met. When Brianna first saw Opal, she knew she wanted to foster her immediately.

Brianna knew Opal was resilient because she was always full of energy and love, even if her jaw was wired shut. She had to wear a muzzle for several months.

The story of Opal will always be a mystery, but Brianna’s best guess was that she was a stray hit by a car. Duke loved Opal as soon as he saw her.

Brianna decided they could be together but couldn’t play. For three days, they were kept apart because of Opal’s injuries. They cried every day when they met at the barrier that separated them.

Duke and Opal started cuddling as soon as they had nothing between them. He even tried to pull her muzzle off, and Brianna had to tell him to stop.

It was difficult for Opal to watch Duke play with his toys and chew on them because she couldn’t. Finally, five months later, the vet said Opal was fully healed and didn’t have to wear anything anymore.

They passed the pet store on the way home to get Opal some toys. Brianna said it was as if someone gave Opal a bottle of pure happiness. She decided to adopt Opal because of how bonded she was to Duke.

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Pittie begs his Mom to keep a foster puppy half his size