Precious Hounds Need Some Help… After So Many Dogs Have Given Their Service, It’s Our Turn…

I know we’ve all heard of, read, or seen service dogs, who assist a variety of patients and people. The list can range from physical assistance to emotional balance and well-being. With every one of these dogs trained since they were tiny to be helpful, we often forget the animals that need OUR help. Luckily, there are many organizations that help and raise awareness while catering to aid the same animals that help us.

One such nonprofit is appropriately named ‘Deaf Dogs Rock.’ The non-profit has the adorable slogan, ‘Deaf dogs hear with their hearts.’ A warm and fuzzy thought, that started with one Boxer when he was only a puppy! His brave tale of abandonment in Virginia has an uplifting story of his ability to bring the attention onto himself and dogs like him. Nitro is a deaf Boxer, and remains the face of the charitable company.

The Panda Paw Rescue is another top non-profit, which specializes in animals who need help medically, may be special needs, or even possibly need hospice. The Panda Paws Rescue aims to provide the specialized care necessary for theses hounds to have happy and full lives.

Some animals may not quite fit that bill, but rest assured, there is a company for every niche! From the Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation (or SNARR), to Blind Dogs Rescue Alliance (BDRA), to Pets with Disabilities. There are far too many non-profit and regular animal’s advocacy groups to list them all in one go! Rest assured, if the condition exists, popular vote is there’s a company or group looking to spread awareness and stand out!

What group would you advocate if you could pick one? I know, ALL!
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Precious Hounds Need Some Help... After So Many Dogs Have Given Their Service, It\'s Our Turn...