Pregnant Mom Shocks Everyone And Gives Birth To 13 Babies

The miracle of birth is an beautiful moment for any mom, but for this dog, it really became an incredible moment as she gave birth to not one, five or even ten puppies, but THIRTEEN!!!! Talk about exhausting herself!

The video beautifully captures the mother dog named Diva as she gives birth to her canine offspring. Like any love affair, the couple in love are introduced in the beginning of the video. Joey and Diva, a 12 year old mixed Shepherd and a 3 year old mixed American Stafford have been a couple since 2013. The product of their love results in thirteen lovable cute little puppies!

It is clear from the video that the mother is tired from trying to give birth and the concerned owners step in to help. Soon enough, the first pup enters the world, is cleaned and then promptly seeks out his mother’s milk as she continues with her delivery. As the hours tick by, more and more puppies are added to the pack, and they all crawl over each other in order to reach their mommy.

The video shows Diva having a long and exhausting day, but one that is rewarded with thirteen additions to the doggy family. The video may be a little hard to watch in some areas ” but it’s a part of nature. It’s also great to see the care and attention the dog owners are giving their beloved Diva.

Did you watch the movie? Do you have dogs? Did you also record your pet’s childbirth for posterity’s sake? Let us know! We love hearing your stories and reading your comments!

Pregnant Mom Shocks Everyone And Gives Birth To 13 Babies