Pups Of World’s Biggest Pitbull Learn To Swim In The Bathtub

Pups Of World's Biggest Pitbull Learn To Swim In The Bathtub

Learning to swim can be a time-honored tradition for some and a necessary means for survival for others. Swimming comes up a lot during not only the summer, but also parties, team-building, and camp. When it comes to learning how to swim, the learning curve can be rather harsh and unforgiving.

From any of the various strokes- breast to butterfly, we all traditionally learn the most unorganized stroke of all- the doggy paddle. For some, a survivor’s last chance at making it out of some murky depths and for others, the only stroke they will ever learn. Especially when it comes to the most precious of water going swimmers. The cute little pups experience their first lesson with water and learn to brave a new terrain.

The Hulk has been known in comics for his sheer size and temper, but one winner of the title ‘World’s Largest Dog’ also shares the name. Hulk is a Pitbull whose puppies are learning how to swim for the first time. Nothing quite as proud as a dad teaching and watching his young grow not only in size but also in skill.

When you see these adorable bundles of joy, I’m sure you’ll wish you could jump right in with them. The amazingly cute sight is full of fun, joy, and pure happiness. When you see the looks on their tiny little fuzzy faces, I’m sure you’ll be overcome with glee.

Pups Of World\'s Biggest Pitbull Learn To Swim In The Bathtub