Rescue dog steps up for orphaned foal in wholesome act of kindness

For Kara Swindle, owner of S&K Quarter House, it was a tough situation when one of her horses passed, leaving behind a nine-day-old foal.

But all was not lost, as her dog Zip stepped up and adopted Tye. After getting such a tough break so early on in life, it was a lucky thing that Zip was there to take on the role of his father.

“Zip has never shown interest in other horses or their foals. We raise foals every year, and he would kind of look in the door and just look at them,” Karla Swindle, Zip’s mom, told The Dodo.

And this is what makes Zip’s newfound paternal instinct such a pleasant surprise for Kara. She was unsure about Tye’s immediate future but was thrilled to see Zip take the initiative.

The night the tragedy struck, while Kara was trying to save Tye’s mom, Zip kept Tye company the whole night in the alley behind the barn.

From then on, Zip has been spending every waking moment with Tye. “Every time I would take off to the barn, Zip would run to the stall, and stand in front of the stall and wait for me to get there,” Swindle said. “He would beat me to the barn every time.”

Tye is growing up into a strong horse and many believe that Zip is playing a big part in this. It’s the emotional bond that Zip gave Tye that helped Tye push through and grow strong.

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Rescue dog steps up for orphaned foal in wholesome act of kindness