Sisters enjoy nap time with their cute baby donkey

Sisters enjoy nap time with baby donkey

We all have that one pet that likes following us around without leaving our side. Opal is one of those many pets. She enjoys more than just the company of her humans.

One day, she even had a sleepover with her human sisters. She had to be carried outside to her shed since she was already fast asleep. Opal seems to have formed a really tight bond with her human family.

It’s so heartwarming and satisfying to have a pet that feels comfortable around you. Every morning Opal comes to the door waiting on her humans so that she can get in the house.

Once inside, you’ll find her cuddled up with her owner or one of the girls on the sofa. It’s impressive how she behaves like a sophisticated lady whenever she’s in the house.

Opal still gets to hang out with her donkey mom whenever it’s time to feed or when she’s upset over something. She also gets very overprotective of her humans especially when the other donkeys try to get closer.

We can’t blame her for that. We’d also get overprotective if someone else was on the verge of interfering with our quality cuddle time, wouldn’t you agree?

Opal’s owner has also grown fond of her cute donkey to the point that she is no longer worried about when her girls head to college since Opal will be there to keep her company. Well, unless Opal decides she wants to be a doctor or something.

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Sisters enjoy nap time with their cute baby donkey