Adorable pug calls shotgun!

pug riding toy car

It was a bright and beautiful day when a pug called shotgun. He was in comfort standing with all the space he needed in a small Cadillac. Ahead of him was a day of adventure.

The pug and his best friend were going to go around the forest and have a grand time. The pug’s best friend, and driver for the day, was a young boy with short blonde hair.

The boy was an excellent driver. Despite the rocky roads the both of them were still able to enjoy the trip around the forest. The trees were thick and tall; they seemed to stretch up to the heavens.

They even stopped by a bridge with water flowing underneath it. The pug got into the water to soak his feet. It felt great to have water in between his paws.

Meanwhile, the boy was tossing whatever rocks he could carry into the water. They made great splashes. The pug stood nearby and watched the stones sink quickly into the water.

They spend the rest of their day driving the car through more of the roads and another bridge. Surrounded by nature, they couldn’t have asked for a better place to explore.

It is hard to think of a day that would be better than driving around a forest with a pug in the passenger seat. The boy and the pug certainly made the most out of their time together.

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Adorable pug calls shotgun!