Alexandra Cote overcomes her fears through dog training

America’s Got Talent host Terry Crews meets Alexandra Cote and her border collie, Tesla, backstage. Before she auditions, we learn that this team has a dream to prove on the AGT stage.

Through a series of backstories, Alexandra tells the audience how she found her confidence through dog training. “When I was younger, I didn’t have many friends because I was shy,” says the Canadian dog trainer.

At age 14, Alexandra got her first dog, Gizmo, and everything changed for her. She started to learn how to let go of her anxiety and shyness one step at a time with Gizmo. He taught her how to have fun.

Alexandra’s dog training experience started as soon as she connected with her furry companion. She began to teach Gizmo tricks and performed with him in dog dancing shows. This act is what led her to overcome her fears and gain her confidence.

Now, with Tesla, she has a new dream to realize. Being on the AGT stage was something she never thought possible until that moment. The Canadian dog trainer and her border collie stand before the judges to perform their set to the beat of “Body Talk” by The Struts.

The judges love her performance as Alexandra and Tesla move around the stage as one. Tesla incredibly shows her acrobatic skills by walking on her front legs and jumping from Alexandra’s body.

A second border collie joins them on stage, elevating the furry cuteness factor once more. The panel of judges and the crowd show their appreciation through a standing ovation at the talented trio.

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Alexandra Cote overcomes her fears through dog training