Little lamb says: “You must not go. You must love me.”

Little lamb

Is there a cute lamb who needs your attention? I’ve always been a sucker for anything cute and fluffy.

This gentle video is a blissful getaway from the troubles of the real world we all need.

The little lamb’s daddy says, “Normally they run around and play. But This one stopped and wanted me to pet him for some time, so I did.”

This lamb does not want to stop his daddy from petting and playing with him while he lies peacefully on the grass. This nice little lamb shows that animals such as this little sweetheart should also be loved as pets.

Animals make the very best friends. They don’t judge and they always have a smile on their faces. All around are other farm animals like sheep, cows, horses, and goats… all one big happy family.

And lambs are smarter than most people know. You just have to be astute enough to notice it. They will even chit-chat with you and keep all of your secrets. As the old saying goes, “To hear, one has only to listen.”

Seriously, what’s cuter than a little lamb? I’ll tell you: Nothing. That’s why it’s so important that this precious lamb gets the attention he needs to grow up strong and healthy.

UPDATE from the lamb’s daddy: “Hey thanks for the comments and likes. I didn’t expect my video to get so many views. The cute lamb is all grown up now and currently grazing in the hills. Thank you so much.”

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Little lamb says: “You must not go. You must love me.”