She Rides With Such Grace. Even A Trained Eye Has A Hard Time Noticing Her Trick. Flawless.

Riding horses can be tough. I’m not talking rodeos where one tries to hang on for dear life while a bronco tries to throw you into the next state. Nor am I talking about horse racing where a jockey rides a locomotive. I’m referring to just regular riding. These horses have a mind of their own. Training them can be very difficult. Then some people, like Stacy Westfall, like to add to the degree of difficulty. Like you’ll see in this video.

It starts with Westfall and her horse, Vaquero, entering a rodeo arena. Music begins to be piped in. The horse starts moving a little faster and that’s when I notice it: There’s no bit in its mouth. No reins in Westfall’s hands. She is on a saddle, since I see her feet in the stirrups, but that’s it. It’s incredible to watch her balance on that saddle as Vaquero does things like canter, spin, and even walk backward. Not once does she give any indication that she’s close to losing her balance or control. At the end, the audience gives her a standing ovation and she hugs Vaquero’s neck. Amazing.

The thing about Westfall is that not only does she do this kind of riding, she also will ride horses without a saddle. That also takes a lot of training to be able to do successfully. Not content to just do competitions, she’s also a horse trainer. That’s a very busy woman. This has literally been her life’s work ” she started doing it when she was six years old. She’s in her 40s now.

I have nothing but deep admiration for those who devote their lives to riding horses. They found their passion and they went with it. I’ve occasionally been on a horse, but I like riding on those who reach maximum speeds equal to me walking on foot. One time I was on one that went faster than that and my butt hurt for a week. So, for Westfall to dedicate her time to doing this ” more power to her. I’ll just stick to watching the videos.

It was a fun video to watch, I admit. What did you think? Leave a comment! We’d love to hear from you.

She Rides With Such Grace. Even A Trained Eye Has A Hard Time Noticing Her Trick. Flawless.