The Abandoned Foal Who Overcame All Odds to Become a Star

Behold, a story of resilience, hope, and a second chance at life. Meet Lucas, a 7-year-old Thoroughbred Cross horse that was found as a foal during the winter season with his mother and a group of horses, emaciated, starving, and near-frozen. Abandoned and alone, Lucas was saved by World Horse Welfare, an organization that rehabilitates horses and rehomes them. In a video posted on their YouTube channel, we get to witness Lucas’ remarkable transformation from a cold and sickly foal to a cross-country star.

Equestrian Colleen Macrae from Scotland was looking for another young horse to take in and train when she came across Lucas on the World Horse Welfare website. She thought he could be the horse she needed, one that could do everything, from riding club, eventing, to showing. According to Colleen, when they first met, Lucas already had a strong personality, knowing what he wants and doesn’t want. Even though he was still young, he was good at showing but didn’t like it. What he did like was jumping and cross country, which Colleen helped him focus on.

Since then, Colleen and Lucas have been joining different competitions, with Lucas improving with every competition because of their hard work and persistence. The organization that saved Lucas, World Horse Welfare, also takes pride in Lucas’ achievements. In 2019, they chose to highlight Lucas in their regular event, the World Horse Trail. The event tells the stories of horses they have helped and highlights other areas of their work with horses in sports. The event showcases sculptures of the horses made by acclaimed sculptor Judy Boyt, which will be designed and painted by a leading artist, equestrian personality, or celebrity.

Judy traveled all the way to Fife, Scotland, to meet her muse, Lucas. She created a small maquette of Lucas in wax, which she used later for scaling up to the larger version, 1.20 meters tall. Lucas did inspect the sculpture while Judy worked on it, checking out his rather large ears. According to Judy, he was brilliant to work with. The World Horse Trail is an excellent way to highlight what the organization does, the horses themselves, raise funds for its projects, and connect with the community.

Lucas’ story of transformation is one of many horses that World Horse Welfare has helped. The organization has been providing welfare and protection for horses for over 90 years. World Horse Welfare’s website explains that they are “an international horse charity that improves the lives of horses in the UK and around the world through education, campaigning, and hands-on care.” They rescue and rehabilitate horses in need and work to improve horse welfare and protection.

In conclusion, Lucas is a remarkable horse that defied the odds and went from an abandoned foal to a cross-country star. His story is a testament to the dedication and hard work of World Horse Welfare in saving and rehabilitating horses. If you want to learn more about Lucas and his incredible journey, you can watch the video on World Horse Welfare’s YouTube channel. Please share Lucas’ story with your friends and family because stories like these need to be shared, and they remind us of the beauty of resilience, hope, and second chances.

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The Abandoned Foal Who Overcame All Odds to Become a Star