The tiniest stray puppy wanders up to a couple on their vacation

Fiji was a tiny stray puppy who wandered up to Morgan and her boyfriend while they were on vacation. Morgan wanted to take him home right away, but she couldn’t.

The puppy came out of nowhere, and Morgan wondered where he appeared from. Fiji was weak, skinny, and uncomfortable. As they drove away, Morgan looked back and cried when she saw Fiji staring at her.

Morgan knew she needed to do something and wanted to stay with Fiji in Fiji, but she had a full-time job. She found a great foster carer for him before she left.

Fiji was in a comfortable home, and Morgan knew he would be okay. She needed to wait three months, and their new life would start together.

According to Morgan, Fiji looked a million times better three weeks later. He was full of energy and finally acted like a jolly puppy. It was time for Morgan to get him.

Once Morgan landed in Sydney with Fiji, their life started. He never left her side since then. It was an exciting time, and Morgan knew all her hard work paid off.

The once sick little puppy is now 23 kilos and one of the happiest dogs Morgan has ever met. Fiji is her shadow, and he is clearly grateful to have been saved from his old life.

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The tiniest stray puppy wanders up to a couple on their vacation