This young duck doesn’t want to be left out

This young duck desperately shows his enthusiasm to join the guy as he continually chases him wherever he goes.

When challenging situations occur, we can’t help but keep ourselves determined and hopeful of thriving. Similarly, the same determination and will keep this duckling from continually running.

He practically chases this guy wherever he goes showing that he’s so desperate not to be alone once again. He just doesn’t want to give up this chance.

This duckling’s determination pays off when the man notices him following. He tests the determination of the young duck by making his pace a bit faster.

Surprisingly, the little duck manages to catch up in no time. It’s safe to say, though, that this kind of determination is definitely one of a kind.

This only proves that regardless of your size, you can always make a significant value to others. Just continue to press on, don’t give up, and persevere. I know that 13 million viewers feel the same way too.

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This young duck doesn’t want to be left out