Woman keeps finding “panda” dogs and rescuing them

Ever since Carly was a little girl, she loved pandas. So, when she encountered the adorable rescue pitbull who looked like one of those bears, she knew it would be a perfect match.

“It was an instant connection,” said Carly. But Panda was not the only uniquely patterned black and white dog that Carly would encounter. “Panda was the start of my pack of pandas.”

One year after Carly adopted Panda, she saw a familiar-looking face at a local shelter. “He is the puppy version of Panda,” said Carly. She wasted no time bringing Dallas home.

The moment the two dogs locked eyes, they were inseparable. “It’s so amazing to see these dogs that had the same story just come together and be their own pack,” said Carly.

A year after Dallas had settled into his new home with Carly and Panda, Carly saw a photo of an adorable black and white puppy that looked like he could have been Dallas’s brother.

Carly did not have space for a third dog, but she knew she wanted to give that pup another chance at life. So, she, Dallas and Panda accepted Cannoli into their home as a foster.

Cannoli took to her foster family immediately. With her compassionate dogs’ help, Carly helped Cannoli grow stronger and more confident in himself until he was ready to make his way to his forever home.

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Woman keeps finding “panda” dogs and rescuing them