He took a huge horse onto the field, but when the horse starts moving? Incredible

The video below depicts one of the most amazing horses you will ever witness. Buffalo van’t Zwaluwnest is a gigantic draft horse. When he stands he looks as if he’s on the heavy side, but this is the normal size of a typical Belgian horse.

Buffalo will amaze you with his grace and agility. All the while you may not think that a horse this size should be able to pull any of this off.

This kind of horse is one of the most popular among professionals because of their sturdy structure. The typical adult Belgian Draft Horse can weigh more than a ton! They are among the largest horses in the world. The horse you are about to see actually has a docked tail while typically the breed has a very long and thick tail. The tail is docked so that owners and horse alike do not trip on it.

He strides with a beauty and ease that is shocking for a horse this size. He is also extremely quick moving. While he may not win the Kentucky Derby, he clearly lacks no confidence and seems to know that he is amazing to behold.

Check out this breathtaking horse below and let us know what you think in the comments. Please share the clip with your family and friends that might enjoy as well.