Watch As This Needy Dog Absolutely Refuses To Let His Owner Get A Workout In

Dogs are loved by everyone for a multitude of reasons, but one thing is for sure – they’re some of the silliest creatures alive! Between their curiosity, their attempts at vocalizing their thoughts, and their ridiculous antics, one can never get bored of watching pups get into new shenanigans.

Sometimes, pups are hilariously needy and do whatever they can to bring the attention back to them. These animals sure do love being center stage! It doesn’t matter how busy their parents are. If they aren’t being fussed over, dogs will remedy that immediately however they can. Sometimes, that means putting their paw down and insisting that they get the love and attention they deserve!

Just take this needy German Shepherd as a prime example. When his mom tries to dedicate time to working out, he grows jealous of the attention her routine is receiving while he just sits there! To show that he’s still in control, he lays his head in his mom’s lap. What an adorable pooch! The workout can wait. It’s puppy petting time, apparently!

The desperate pup even places his paw underneath his mom’s back to really try and block her workout path. Maybe the next trick he learns should be how to do sit-ups alongside his mom so that she can get her routine in and he can bond with her along the way! Have you ever seen a pooch so eager to get their mom’s attention? What a cutie!

It’s amazing what dogs will do to get head pets or belly rubs. Nobody will steal their spotlight if they have anything to say about it! This clip is going to make your heart explode. Be sure to share the adorable footage with your family and friends. Then, leave your thoughts in the comment section down below!

Watch As This Needy Dog Absolutely Refuses To Let His Owner Get A Workout In