Abused senior dog feels a soft bed for the first time

Belle is a senior dog who was abused and neglected until she was rescued by Maria. After receiving a text from her neighbor, Maria talked to the woman who was hitting Belle.

She told her that she shouldn’t be hurting dogs, and the woman surrendered Belle to Maria. Then she fostered Belle and saw Belle was skinny and shaking.

Once Belle arrived at Maria’s house, she was relieved and ran around like crazy. Belle was about 14 to 15 years old. Maria bought Belle a bed that same day.

Belle laid down in the bed and seemed to be at peace for the first time in her life. Maria had never seen an animal so happy with something so simple.

The vet said that Belle had never been taken to the vet before. Belle was then diagnosed with severe arthritis. After physical therapy and being in a home for at least three weeks, Belle became a very different dog.

Maria took her for car rides and took her outside. Belle loved to be held and kissed, and Maria knew it was time to find her the perfect home.

It wasn’t hard to find a home for Belle, and she ended up with someone who became her best friend. Belle realized that there were humans in this world who won’t hurt her. She is a little dog with a big heart.

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Abused senior dog feels a soft bed for the first time