Every year, this deer and her babies come out of the woods to visit ‘uncle” Golden Retriever

Every spring, Buttons the deer brings her babies to meet her best friend of 11 years, G-Bro, a Golden Retriever. The first time Buttons brought her babies, Lorrie and her family were full of excitement.

G-Bro was so gentle and loving with the baby deers. He groomed them and played with them. The Golden Retriever acted as another mom for the adorable babies of his best friend.

Lorrie is astounded and grateful that Buttons brings her babies to visit every year. She knows it is a unique situation for G-Bro and Buttons. They are family to each other.

Buttons and G-Bro had grown up together, and they always had a special friendship. G-Bro loves to be groomed by her and will sit down and let her clean him.

He even takes away attention from Buttons’ babies just to let himself be groomed by her. At their house, Buttons will show up at the front door to let Buddy know she is there.

She will even nudge the door with her hoof if they take too long to open it. Buttons and G-Bro love to hike together and play in the snow. As long as they are together, they are happy.

It took a lot of work when they first rescued Buttons. Their goal was to let her be wild while also being a part of the family, and it all worked out for everyone.

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Every year, this deer and her babies come out of the woods to visit \'uncle\