Golden Retriever dad teaches his adorable son how to swim

Golden Retriever is one of the best dogs in the whole world. They are friendly with kids and can adjust to the families really well. This breed has a unique ability to become guide dogs, disability assistance dogs, detection dogs, hunting dogs.

This pure breed of dogs suits its residency perfectly and becomes friends with anyone they meet. However, they have a kind and gentle temperament; hence they are not suited when it comes to choosing them as guard dogs.

They are the third most popular dogs all around the world and are known for their playful nature. Therefore, it is effortless to get them trained. However, they would require to get at least 2 hours of exercise.

The fur on their body is usually golden brown in color, but the shades may differ from dark brown to light brown. These cute furry friends are very confident and are known for their friendly and fun-loving nature.

Golden Retrievers are very eager to please their humans. Their fondness for water is also known by anyone living with these cute furry friends. They are also known for their intelligence and athletic behavior.

Tucker and Todd are father and son (Golden Retrievers) who are living with their family. Todd, the young one, is still trying to learn who to take a bath and go for his daily walk.

They enjoy their time outside in the sun and their time in the pool. Both son and father love their swim time and enjoy it a lot. Then, they play in the garden and dry themselves.

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Golden Retriever dad teaches his adorable son how to swim