Top 5 Best Cat Toys (We Tested Them All)

Mallory and her two cats, Wessie and Forest, tested the five best cat toys on the market. She looked through products and their reviews of the most popular ones for her cats to play with.

According to Mallory, playtime isn’t an option for cats, and it is, in fact, essential. They are natural predators and playing taps into their hunting instincts which keeps them happy and reduces stress. They don’t necessarily need toys, but it does help.

The first toy she reviewed was the Catit Super Roller Circuit. It features a track with holes so the cat can poke through it. On the track, a ball with lights moves on its own.

Mallory found that her cats weren’t that interested in the toy, and she soon realized that Wessie and Forest didn’t like most toys. Though the customer reviews for all the toys she purchased said their cats loved playing with them.

The Tower of Tracks features three circular tracks with three lightweight balls that spin around the track. The most simple but effective toy was the Cat Dancer, a springy wire with rolled-up cardboard on both ends.

Mallory hoped the Hexbug Nano would entice her cats because it moved like an insect and had a fluffy tail. But even then, they only watched the toy crawl around.

Finally, her cats seemed to enjoy the Petsafe Interactive Feeder toy. It is a ball that combines play and food by dispensing anything within it as it rolls. Mallory’s cats quickly caught on and loved playing with it. But really, words can only say so much. Just watch:

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Top 5 Best Cat Toys (We Tested Them All)